Since the last time I studied cinematography, digital cameras did not exist yet, I decided it was definitely time for a refresher course. I’m taking Cinematography at UCLA’s Extension program and loving it!

My first project was a music video. As a one woman crew with my Cannon 7D, a 50mm and 35mm lens, and no lights, tripod or grip gear – I decided to do a daytime exterior project and hope for a cloudy day.

My second project was a group assignment. We had two days at Mole-Richardson. Day one we focused on learning the gear. Day two – we were split into teams of two and given a film name or genre to use as inspiration. Each team then had two hours to light and shoot a sequence. I’m not supposed to talk about it, but it was pretty kick ass to get assigned Fight Club.



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I am a director, producer and storyteller

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