“Warrior” – A spec of Showtime’s Shameless
Logline: After her wedding was abruptly called off, Fiona receives inspiration from Kevin of all people. He convinces her to get a tattoo to mark her new beginning as a “Warrior” (Season 6 Episode 13).
Awards: 1st Place Winner Scriptwriters Network “Television Outreach Program” (2018)
Shameless – “Warrior”

“Pocket Rocket” – A spec of Showtime’s SMILF
Logline: Frankie is cast opposite an older man in a web ad for erectile dysfunction medication. She contemplates dating her older co-star after he gets a “chubby” from their on-screen kiss.
SMILF-Writing Sample

“My Left Breast” – A spec of Better Things     *2nd Round of Warner Bros Fellowship 2018
Logline: Sam tries not to worry her family and friends as she attempts to have a lump in her breast biopsied. Unfortunately, her breasts are too small for the biopsy needle, causing the simple procedure to become a full day of torture for Sam.
Better Things-Writing Sample



Pilot Writing Sample – Three Strikes

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